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Thank you for taking interest in our upcoming projects. Since this section is new, it will begin to fill in with more detail in the coming days and weeks. For now, here is a brief list of what we're up to:

  • Chesapeake Chamber Competition (current finalists): March 25th
  • Coleman Chamber Music Competition (current finalists): April 24th

  • CD Release

    By popular demand (literally), our quartet has decided to professionally record and release a CD for public distribution, featuring the cornerstones of the repertoire that carried our first season. Here are the works which are included on the CD:

  • Recitation Book, by David Maslanka (currently no American recordings exist)
  • Quatuor, by Ida Gotkovsky
  • Back Burner, by Frank Ticheli
  • Ave verum corpus, by William Byrd, arranged by Red Line's Doug O'Connor
  • Trap Rag, by Jean Matitia
  • Linden Oaks Recording Studios in Penfield, NY, is the premiere recording facility where the music was recorded. Mastering, mixing, and commercializaion were handled over the summer, and now the project is finalliy licensed and produced.

    It can be purchased at the link below for $15 plus shipping:

    poweRED LINE Project

    Recently, a composer friend of ours named Baljinder Sekhon II was accepted as a Curatorial Associate for a concert on the MATA Interval Series in Brooklyn, NY. His proposal was to have the Red Line Sax Quartet featured in a concert titled "poweRED LINE" at Brooklyn's Issue Project Room on March 10th, 2010. Red Line premiered five new works for sax quartet and electronics by Andy Akiho, Matthew Barber, Andrew Colella, Robert Pierzak, and Baljinder Sekhon II.

    Asian Tour / World Saxophone Congress

    The World Saxophone Congress is a bi-annual conference event of all things saxophone related. Students, professionals, composers, instrument makers, and saxophone enthusiasts in general from all over the world attend the Congress. The event features nearly non-stop simultaneous performances, lectures, and demonstrations for five straight days, a key venue for world-premieres of new compositions and exposure to the absolute highest levels of saxophone playing.

    This year's Congress was held July 7-12 in Bangkok, Thailand, at the Mahidol University School of Music. The Red Line Sax Quartet performed American composer David Maslanka's Recitation Book at the Congress. Red Line's presence at the international event demonstrated the high standards of saxophone playing of America's young saxophonists.

    In addition, our quartet completed a concert tour of China: our virtuoso tenor player, Gai Qun, is a Chinese citizen from the northern Chinese city of Dalian, and our quartet has already been invited to play several concerts in China again next summer. The trip was immensely enriching for not only our quartet, but for all of our supporters, educators, and audiences in general. Photos from this tour can be found at a more casual site, our Picasa photo album (click here).